Radsynch17 Workshop Topics

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April 19 (Wed)

April 20 (Thu)

April 21 (Fri)

Morning 1

Welcome & session 1-1

Facility reports on new design, upgrade and commissioning-A

Chair: Rokni S. Wroblewski T.

1-1-0 Introduction and Opening

1-1-1 MAX IV, Lundin Magnus

Radiological commissioning of the MAX IV facility (papers)

1-1-2 ESRF, Berkvens Paul

Shielding design study for the ESRF EBS Project (papers)


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Session 2-1

Radiation safety issues for FEL and next generation facilities

Chair: Asano Y. Doull R.

2-1-1 SLAC, RokniSayed

Radiation Safety Design of LCLS-II Project at SLAC(papers)

2-1-2 SLAC, Xiao Shanjie

Radiation Safety Designs for LCLS-II FEL Beams (papers)

2-1-3 DESY, Dressel Michael

Personnel interlock systems for protection against ionizing radiation produced by FEL beams and high power lasers (papers)

Session 3-1

Radiation safety design and assessment-B

Chair: Lundin M. Olsovcova V.

3-1-1 NSRRC, Chen Ang-Yu

The radiation dose measurement for the coherent X-ray scattering beamline in TPS(papers)

3-1-2 DESY, Wroblewski Thomas

Estimation of shielding thicknesses for white beam enclosures(papers)

3-1-3 DESY, Wefer Anne-Katrin

Construction of the P61 beamline at PETRA III Extension for high-energy engineering materials science and high pressure extreme conditions


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Morning 2

Session 1-2

Facility reports on new design, upgrade and commissioning-B

Chair: Rokni S. Wroblewski T.

1-2-1 DESY, Leuschner Albrecht

The European XFEL: Commissioning of the Electron Accelerator

1-2-2 KIT, Hagelstein Michael

Radiation protection and safety at the accelerators FLUTE and ANKA of KIT(papers)

1-2-3 SOLARIS, Wiklacz Justyna

Update of the commissioning of the SOLARIS 1.5 GeV storage ring (papers)

Session 2-2

Safety protection against high power laser used in FEL and synchrotron facilities

Chair: Asano Y. Doull R.

2-2-1 ELI, Olsovcova Veronika

New high power laser facility ELI Beamlines - radiation safety aspects (papers)

2-2-2 European XFEL, Boyd Eric

Safety Protection against 100 J and 100 TW Lasers Used in European XFEL HED Experiment

2-2-3 SLAC, Bauer Johannes

Ionizing Radiation from Optical Laser Light Interacting with Matter:  Simulations with Particle in Cell Code and FLUKA (papers)

Session 3-2

Radiation safety design and assessment-C

Chair: Ott K. Wiklacz J.

3-2-1 ALBA, Devienne Arnaud

Shielding calculations for the design of new Beamlines at ALBA Synchrotron (papers)

3-2-2 INDUS-2, Sahani Prasanta Kumar

Radiation shielding for undulator beamline in Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source (papers)

3-2-3 KEK, Iwase Hiroshi

Measurement of thermal neutron and Ar-41 at electron linac





Afternoon 1

TPS Tour

Session 2-3

Radiation safety design and assessment-A

Chair: Liu J.C. Sophon M.

2-3-1 KIT, Wesolowski Pawel

Ab initio method for dose estimation in a linear electron accelerator (papers)

2-3-2 CLS, Bewer Brian

LINAC Beam stop measurement using passive area radiation monitors to confirm FLUKA dose calculations for Top-Up safety analysis(papers)

2-3-3 NTHU, Liu Yen-Chiang

Dose Underestimation and Correction Factors for Conventional Neutron Dose Meters Used in High-Energy Neutron Environments

Session 3-3

Interlock system and radiation protection for top-up operation

Chair: Berkvens P. Dressel M.

3-3-1 MAX IV, Rosborg Anders

The MAX IV personnel safety system

3-3-2 NSSRC, Liu Joseph

TPS Beamline Radiation Safety Interlock, a Bizarre Incident and its Remedy Actions (papers)

3-3-3 NSRRC, Chuang Jyun-Yan,

The Construction and Development of Safety and Control for Interlock System in TPS Front End The Construction and Development of Safety and Control for Interlock System in TPS Front End(papers)


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Afternoon 2

Session 1-3

Activation and decommissioning

Chair: Lee H.S. Pruvost J.B.

1-3-1 SPring-8, Asano Yoshihiro

Intercomparison between Monte Carlo codes and experiments for induced activities due to high energy electrons (papers)


1-3-2 MAX IV, Hörling Magnus

Decommissioning of MAX-lab

1-3-3 CNRS-iRSD, Horodynski Jean-Michel

Decommissioning of the LURE Synchrotron –  Feedbacks on Radiation Protection and Radioactive Waste Management (papers)

1-3-4 BESSY II, Bergmann Yvonne

Activation Calculation for the Robinson Wiggler at the Metrology Light Source (papers)

Session 2-4

Radiation detector and measurements to evaluate shielding design

Chair: Leuschner A. Bauer J.

2-4-1 NSRRC, Lin Sy-Yu

TPS Radiation Measurement Program (papers)

2-4-2 BESSY II, Ott Klaus

Measurement Errors and Upgrades of the Ambient Dose Measurement System at BESSY (papers)

2-4-3 PAL, Jung Nam-Suk

Radiation measurements during PAL-XFEL commissioning(papers)

2-4-4 SLRI, Vanitparinyakul Sarinya

The study of Gamma radiation survey and local shielding development for 6.5T SWLS at SLRI(papers)

Session 3-4

Operational experience and lesson learned

Chair: Berkvens P.

3-4-1 PAL, Lee Hee-Seock

Change of Radiation Safety Control on Synchrotron Radiation User at Experimental Hall(papers)

3-4-2 SLAC, Xiao Shanjie

Two: Lessons Learned from Recent SSRL Operations;(papers)



Discussion & Closing

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